Dog Day Care  Creche

Dog Play Days provide day care for puppies and dogs 7am - 7pm Monday to Friday. We are a fully licensed, 7,500 sq ft purpose designed dog day care crèche, designed for dog fun. 

We offer quality care, provided by our fully trained and qualified staff members.  Whether you are at work for the day, having a family day trip or an all day commitment your dog can come to us for a fun filled day. 

Dogs have a day catered for their own needs, being a very active day for a young springer or a gentle scroll for an elderly retriever. Your dog will spend all day with us and have fun and exciting walking, including trips to the beach, the woods, the river and moors.

Dog Play Days is committed to providing a safe, cage free, healthy fun day care for dogs. We strive to improve the quality of the lives of the dogs within our care by actively encouraging mental and physical stimulation.

When dogs are dropped off they are raring to go! whether 6 months or ten years, there is a great deal of excitement when they come to the crèche.

Mornings are full of playing with their dog friends, ball chasing, ropes to tug, before joining the staff for action packed exciting games. By mid day dogs have time to mellow out on the sofas and beds for some chill out time. Some continue to play while others sit back and watch their friends playing. There are more than enough beds for everyone to snuggle up into and there is even a "time-out" section for dogs that have woken up on the wrong side of the dog bed.

Afternoons, having time for lots more fun games including our bubble machine blowing out bacon flavour bubbles - great fun and taste good!  On sunny days we fill up the paddling pools for some water lovers to have a play and splash about. The staff play games with everyone and provide TLC for those who just want an extra cuddle.
Paw painting art session, with dogs enjoying a paw painting session to take their art work home for their mummy and daddy's to put up on the fridge

Three times a month we do beach day trips for all our doggies to join us on. Book them on our school bus trip to the seaside!

By the end of the day, the dogs go home with their owners - tired and happy, after their fun filled day.

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